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What do we offer? As the name suggests, a lot of wildlife action and close encounters with the nature during our adventure safari tours. Choose one of our personalized camping and walking tours in Botswana, offering travelers an exclusive experience of the African flora and fauna in its wild beauty.

Not sure what do you want or what exactly to expect? Feel free to contact us and get some advice. We are looking forward to anyone with interest in Botswana and share our own experiences and knowledge. All nature photos on this website come from our Botswana trips.

Not sure what travel agency to choose? See our 10 reasons why to enjoy your safari ride with us and why it would be a good decision. Thinking about what country is best for safari? Botswana represents the essence of Africa’s wilderness, see why to choose Botswana. Finally, if you don’t know what part of year is best for this type of action adventure, go and check also our safari calendar.

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Why travel with us?

Experience action

Our focus is on authentic, close up Safari experience in remote areas where premier wildlife encounters are complemented by highest quality. Experience the thrill of the bush without any of the chill.

Unique itineraries

Through our experience and the input of guides and staff, we are able to provide rare opportunities for natural discovery that are out of reach for the typical tourist. Our itinerary trips are more than a vacation.

Authenticity and intimacy

We keep our groups are extremely small, just six or eight participants on average. This way, we are able to provide one on one attention to ensure that our guests enjoy the most intimate, authentic and rewarding experiences in nature.


Our product use conservation travel, which directly benefits the people, wildlife and natural habitats. Your travel with us has the power to protect nature and benefit local communities who live near areas of interest.