It's early in the morning in the Okavango delta, and Botswana summer is slipping into autumn. Elephants and impalas are feeding under the Marula tree, shaking dawn showers of ripe Marula fruits.
As elsewhere in the range, the Chobe elephants are primarily grazers in the wet season and browsers in the dry season. With their specialized feeding apparatus and physical strength, they are adapted for...
Flight of blowflies is initiated by low blood sugar supply and the direction of flight is determined by the detection of airborne molecules from plants fluids or decomposing animal fluids upon which blowflies feed.
It is September 2008 and I’m leading a 14 nights safari for my regular guests who came to Africa to look for a leopard. Paul and Ann from England, this time around they have booked with me for a full bag safari...
Cats’ claws are both formidable and useful. They are used provide grip when pouncing for a prey or climbing, to seize prey and to gush at an opponent. For them to be effective they need to be hooked and pointed.
Botswana is about 82 percent covered up by the Kalahari, of which the northern part is preferred by these animals. It is also dominated by the Kalahari sandveld that is poorly drained...
Being a safari guide is not just khaki shorts and people carrying binos and rifles, but it is all about hosting, entertaining, advising others and taking guests to areas of interest like parks and game reserves.
An hour before sunrise I found myself perched 12 meters up an enormous spruce of open mopane ridge dotted with ebony and sycamore fig trees, with no moon in the overcast sky, darkness and silence enveloped.
It was the end of another beautiful day in paradise. Ice cold beer and marsh mellows by the fire was a fitting end to another long day. Posh and Dickson had traveled around the most of Botswana.
After 3 nights four days game driving with Darrel and Paul who booked me privately here in Botswana as their guide, doing camping, we opened a few cold ones for the festive ride back to camp.
It's late afternoon here in the Okavango Delta, Shinde camp, over looking Shinde lagoon with Maunachera main channel flowing about 300 meters from the west to the easternly direction making its way to Xakanaxa Khwai.
Sweat trickled into my eyes as I gazed longingly down the deep greenish blue Okavango delta waters. It’s so beautiful, so so clear. Would I have I any saliva left, I would have been drooling just thinking about crystalline coolness.
The swamp boys, Okavango Delta, Botswana. It’s early in the evening at around seven I am driving across a recently filled up channel. From a distance we could see a troop of baboons that were groamming to each other.