Meet our team

Behind every program is a team of compassionate, excited experts and leaders
who integrate their passion with work.

Wilson Matengu
Director, Guide, Area expert

Wilson is the best guide you can find in Africa. Excellent expert knowledge, nice and friendly character, professional and reliable attitude. Wilson know literally everything about local people, places, customs, animals and plants – he can make a lecture about each little sprout. Meet Wilson and experience Africa closer you would expect!

Marketing director

While our services are running smoothly, we are still improving. B.G. is taking care of the part how to bring the relevant information to the people in order to be aware of all what’s happening. As an expert with deep experience in digital marketing, he is building up our social networks and a community of people sharing our passions. The safari enthusiasts, including us, now form one big family.

Technical director (CTO)

Dan is responsible for administrative, technical and legal issues related to our services, as well as everyday management of the company. Thanks to his everyday work in the background, every boring issue is covered and you can enjoy the action 🙂

Andy Komora
Business director, Itinerary expert

Andy is an extremely passionate traveler and he has visited nearly 200 countries in the world, with special love for Africa. He has extraordinary experiences from any situation you can expect from the tourist’s point of view. Are you looking for some really extraordinary attraction in your target place? You bet Andy knows what to show you.

“The purpose of life is a life of purpose.” ― Robert Byrne