Ten reasons why you should travel with Action Adventure Safaris

    1. unique trips.
    2. exciting accommodation.
    3. small groups.
    4. both walking and camping safaris.
    5. season oriented safari tours.
    6. client oriented itineraries.
    7. great picture opportunities
    8. commitment to conservation and community.
    9. travel insurance.
    10. safety and trip enjoyment.

About (vision Action Adventure Safaris) 

Enjoy relaxing in the bush and great activities with us in the northern part of Botswana. Our mobile camping safaris boasts a diverse game viewing of activities like morning and afternoon safaris, boat cruise in the Okavango delta, mokoro, walking safaris, phenomenal bird life and breathtaking views of landscape in wilderness areas of Botswana. Accommodation is on full board basis, two game activities in a day included, tea, coffee, juice, home made fresh bread and rusks before and during morning. The price is inclusive of all beverages, activities, 3 meal courses per person and day.


An African safari will touch your spirit and move you for a lifetime. What is right for one style of traveler might be not necessary right for another. Our focus is on authentic, close up Safari experience in remote areas where premier wildlife encounters are complemented by highest quality.

Experience the thrill of the bush without any of the chill.

The small group – the key to an intimate nature experience. 

Through group travel, minded people share amazing experience. Our trips are different, we keep our groups extremely small, just six or eight participants on average. This way, we are able to provide one on one attention to ensure that our guest enjoy the most intimate, authentic and rewarding experiences in nature.

Exciting accommodation. 

– distinctive camps in remote natural locations.

Our camping is focused on wildlife rather absolute luxury, just fancy enough to be comfortable and classy. We select camps to place guests as close to nature as possible without sacrificing comfort. Dine in an outdoor boma. Overlook the African sky and wildlife in the Okavango delta. Enjoy tea and coffee around the fire while listening to your guide’s round fire stories.

Both camping and walking safaris.

Our tours are also unique because we are licensed to provide both walking and camping safaris. That means we can combine the advantages of walking and camping. For example, you can start your walks directly from the point of accommodation, right in the morning.

Unique itineraries.

Through our experience and the input of guides and staff, we are able to provide rare opportunities for natural discovery that are out of reach for the typical tourist. Our itinerary trips are more than a vacation.

Great picture opportunities.

Specially guided small group.

Nature photography adventures.

You can choose a specialized adventure tours for photographers of all ability and levels. The focus is on helping you to capture exceptional images of wildlife and natural landscape.

Each trip is led by a naturalist guide who is also a professional nature photographer. Small groups ensure access for the best shots, plenty of room for your gear, and the utmost in flexibility to pursue photo opportunities as they arise. We rise up early and linger around to look for wildlife and capitalize on the best golden light when it is soft. Each guest is to have a seat close to spacious window, to be able to capture moving animals comfortably.

Commitment to conservation and community. 

Our motto:

  • caring for the people.
  • caring for wildlife.
  • caring for the land.

Our product is conservation travel, life enhancing forays to the farthest reaches of natural world, which directly benefits the people, wildlife and natural habitats. Your travel with us has the power to protect nature and benefit local communities who live near areas of interest, like concession areas, game reserves and national parks and preserve cultural heritage. Our commitment to the community runs within our company ethos and is manifested throughout our office and field operations. Sustainability is our commitment in every facet of our own operation.

Travel insurance. 

We have contracted to provide our guest travel insurance with the most comprehensive benefits possible. It may cost slightly more, but is well worth it.

All insurance cover is not refundable.

Safety and trip enjoyment. 

We plan trips in natural areas where the environment can sometimes create unpredictable conditions to avoid possible dangerous situations, both for our travelers and wildlife, it is extremely important that all travelers obey the rules and regulations set forth by local guides.